Who Am I?

Hello, I'm Will and I go by Lexaprogrammer in most online spaces. I have always been fascinated with creating things and fancied myself an artist but alwa7ys had issues finding a medium that suited my analytical mind. I love the notion of creating something from nothing and have been fascinated with the different ways we communicate and display information ever since I typed my first <div> tag. I love data and this love fostered a need for me to learn ways to display it with the gravitas it deserved. I worshiped at the throne of Tufte Over the years I have been fascinated by the potential of new programming languages, visualization tools and frameworks

I felt a strong pull for displaying information in a clear and concise manner and worshiped at the throne of Tufte. Learning various technologies were a means to an end. Databases? Markup? OOP? Scripting? Give me a few weeks and I'm on it.

My current passions are as follows:



Web Development

App Development

Cups of coffee
My Skills

A life long learner

I fully believe one can never completely master any programming language, framework or technology but this is a rough guide to my familiarity with various emerging technologies.

My main focus is front end development however I am also interested in software manual and automation testing. I am currently studying testing with Ministry of Testing and Test Automation University. I am also a learner advocate at Egghead.io. If you are interested in reading some of my writing feel free to check out Dev.to or my blog.

I am always learning new tools and technologies but my current stack can be found below


Too young to die


Hey,not too rough




Hurt me plenty


Hey, not too rough


Too young to die
What do I know?


Bachelor of Science at Polytechnic Insitute, Purdue University

Computer Graphics Technology Program — Web Programming and Design focus

  • Segment producer of CGTv student television
  • Principal application developer for Agricultural Engineering department

Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

Free Code Camp

  • Responsive Web Design

Test Automation University

  • Scaling tests with Docker
  • Setting a Foundation for Successful Test Automation

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